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biography of mohammadrezagolzar- محمد رضا گلزار - سایت گلزاریا برای محمدرضا گلزار

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سایت گلزاریا برای محمد رضا گلزار

    جدیدترین اخبار فیلم و سریال محمد رضا گلزار را در سایت رسمی گلزاریا دنبال کنید !

    تمامی فعالیت های موسیقی و ترانه های ریززار بصورت مداوم در این سایت آبدیت می شود.

    همچنین کانال آپارات گلزاریا تنها کانال پر بازدید مربوط و مرتبط به گلزار است که دنبال کنندگان زیادی نیز دارد.

    برای دیدن عکس ها , کلیپ ها , بیوگرافی و تمامی فیلم ها و سریال ها و اخبار ایشان از منو سایت استفاده نمایید .

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بیوگرافی گلزار

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Gulzar graduate in Mechanical Engineering from Islamic Azad University is.

Gulzar in 1379 for the first time on film and N. Sam made ​​Iraj Qaderi experienced actor. Although some time until the eve of the game directors in films such as Mars Beyzaie for film edge, Mehrjui for movies mom guests , M. hermetic film Friday Soldiers and Ebrahim Hatami Kia invitation went to film but none was inconclusive. 

Script deco and bash script by Gulzar in 1386 was recorded in the database.

His musical activity from 1376, as guitarist with Arian began. His guitar, organ and percussion skills.



Filmography Golzar
Year Movie Type of film Side Director Release Date Role Name Description
1393 Said and Leila married Cinematic Actor M. Hadi - - -
1393 Atom heart mother Cinematic Actor Ali Ahmad - - Ready for release
1392 I want Cinematic Actor January seize - - Ready for release
1390 The lady of the Month Cinematic Actor Inspired Gharekhani
Her Amyrmhrtash
- Dktrhmyd bright Animated footage
1390 You and me Cinematic Actor M. Banking 15 Persian date Shahrivar 1391 Ali Second Banking Co-brothers and Golzar
1389 Along City Cinematic Actor Ali Atshani 30 Persian date Azar 1390 Golzar Third Golzar role in his role - renamed from six in the rain
1389 Deco and Bash Cinematic Actor
Bahman Goudarzi 16 Persian date Shahrivar 1390 Semitic Renamed the cold sandwich
1388 You daylight democracy Cinematic Actor Ali Atshani 22 Ordibehesht 1389 The Angel of Death -
1387 Two sisters Cinematic Actor M. Banking 25 Persian date Shahrivar 1388 Emir -
1387 Like the night Short Film Actor S. mirab aghdam - Siavash -
1386 Leili Cinematic Actor Qasim parsley 1 Persian date Farvardin 1387 F. -
1386 Forced success Cinematic Actor Mohammad Hossein Latifi 16 Persian date Aban 1386 Golzar -
1386 Raven feather Cinematic Actor Shahram Shahhosseini 18 Persian date Mehr 1386 R. -
1384 Trap Cinematic Actor Sirus Alvand 22 Persian date Azar 1385 Farshad -
1384 Truce Cinematic Actor Election 6 Persian date Ordibehesht 1385 Joseph -
1384 Wedding Dinner Cinematic Actor Ebrahim Vahidzadeh 14 Tir 1385 Golzar Honorary presence
1383 Japan allspice Cinematic Actor Kiomars Pourahmad 19 Persian date Esfand 1383 Abbas Iranian film remake of the old king of hearts
1382 Boutique Cinematic Actor Director 's 15 Persian date Esfand 1382 Jahangir -
1382 Thirteen Cat on the Roof Cinematic Actor Ali abdolalizadeh 25 Persian date Shahrivar 1383 Ramv -
1382 Coma Cinematic Actor Arash Moirian 28 Persian date Esfand 1382 Emir -
1381 Black eyes Cinematic Actor Iraj Qaderi 15 Persian date Azar 1382 Surena -
1381 Bee venom Cinematic Actor Ebrahim Sheibani 1 Persian date Farvardin 1383 Sinai -
1380 Uptown downtown Cinematic Actor Akbar Khamin 15 Aban 1381 David -
1380 Time Cinematic Actor Hamid Reza Salahmand 21 date Khordad 1382 Said -
1380 The Last Supper Cinematic Actor Fereydoun Jeyrani 8 Persian date Farvardin 1381 Money -
1379 Sam & Narges Cinematic Actor Iraj Qaderi 27 Persian date Shahrivar 1381 Sam


Serial Biology


Series of Golzar
Year Serial Name Side Director Running Air date of first Air date of final Role Name Description
1393 Love is not closed Actor Bijan colorless 26 parts - - Free Show home video collection network in 13 closed two-part production is
1390 Iranian Actor Mohammad Hossein Latifi 18 parts 16 Esfand 1390 4 Persian date Shahrivar 1391 J. (Jimmy Henriques) Show home network video series produced in 10 two-part package, the package includes the final scenes and behind the scenes

Song Biology


Song of Golzar
Year Song Songwriter Composer Regulator Mixing and Mastering Release date Description
1393 I miss my DIAMOND Mtaban N. Zeinali Hussein Democratic Front - 29 Persian date Aban 1393 This track late Morteza Pashai has been submitted.
1392 Snow Day Mehrzad Amirkhni Morteza Pashai Said time - 24 Persian date Esfand 1392 This piece has two Sdayh by Morteza Pashai read.
1392 Believe me my world Ali Arya N. Zeinali F Foroghi A. Sanqh 24 Persian date Bahman 1392 -
1392 Recognize The ways you do here DIAMOND Mtaban N. Zeinali F Foroghi - 5 Persian date Bahman 1392 -

Live in concert


  • Snow Day in 1393 (jointly run by Morteza Pashai )
  • I was a first time in 1389 (jointly run by Maziar Fallahi )
  • 1388 Everything is peaceful (refresh rate Hamid Taleb Zadeh

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